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Enter the Shipwreck.

Some days, heavy on the “wreck” part of that.

We’re open for business, although we’re just running the bar side right now. We’re out of paint brushes for the work on the banquet side, so a supply run this week is in the works. We’re also running without a kitchen right now, which has admittedly been sucking a lot of our business away – we’ve got a hot dog roller up in the bar, but folks just don’t seem to want them before 11:3o at night. Maho’s Kitchen, the restaurant that was operating in the downstairs kitchen when we moved in, changed locations at the beginning of June (thank goodness!), leaving the kitchen and restaurant a disaster. The landlord has been in there with his girlfriend and construction crew every day for at least 10 hours a day, the past two weeks, just cleaning up the mess that was left. A new pizza place is moving in as soon as they can, and they’ve got a gal working on a mural in the dining room right now. We’ll be the only place in town where you can get pizza and a beer, and watch sports while you’re there!

Evening in the bar

The rumor mill is going full speed, although the really malicious ones have been put to bed, so now they’re just working in our favor – people in this area love to gossip, so come into the bar to pass the newest rumor on, and see if it’s really true. While they’re up there, they buy a few bottles, or a something-and-coke (the mixer of choice in this area).

Our corporate bank account is finally straightened out (misspelled name caused delays in both checks and card getting to us), so I should be setting up phone and internet service this week, and hopefully will do the training for our credit card machine before the weekend. We’ve been operating as Cash Only since we opened in May, and while it hasn’t hurt us that much, it isn’t helping us with the boating/cruise stop crowds.

Wednesday we’ve got our first performer in the bar, acoustic guitar player Michael Bennet ( – this guy has talent! We’re also in contact with the producer of local movie “Hookman 2”, Maryland’s own little Scary Movie. Hookman 2 is in post-production, and hoping to release in early October. We’re hoping to host their premiere, so keep an eye out.

I obviously don’t update this as often as I should, but the Shipwreck’s Facebook page is fairly active, with regular updates about our specials and events. As things (paperwork) start to smooth out (no more surprise licenses!), I’ll hopefully remember to update here more!

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I’ll go camera-happy on it later today hopefully, but for now, have an update.
We signed a rental agreement this weekend on the house Jared’s been staying at – bay views on one side, wildlife refuge marsh on the other, one neighbor who runs the ice cream shop, another with a charter fishing boat (and a potbelly pig named Willy), and a state-sized population of no-see-um’s, the only downside thus far.

The bar is looking fantastic, Jared’s done an incredible job getting it right – still have some trim work, and few more coats on the bar itself, but all in all, we’re done on that front. Now it’s just paperwork, paperwork, more paperwork, phone calls, paperwork, and money heading out of the coffers, hopefully to be followed by money rolling -in- to the coffers.

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