About a Mountain Girl

Mucho Gusto – nice to meet ya! My name’s Teri, and most of what you’ll find here will be tidbits from my bizarre trek through life. Some will be from the past, more will be from the present, and occasionally you’ll catch a 50-year-old brownie recipe that makes 6 dozen, easy.

I grew up in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills, in a community 90 miles from anywhere important and utterly surrounded by national forest and farms. When I say “foothills”, I’m talking elevation 3500 feet and a county seat population of 5500. We’re so inland, we go to Reno, Nevada for fresh fish.

Now, in the eight years since high school, I’ve been married, transferred colleges, moved to Kentucky, gotten divorced, finished college (only took six years), adopted a dog, moved to Virginia, and in October 2010 I married the man I was meant to be with, my city slicker.

I’m blunt and opinionated, with just a dash of crazy, and have a minor obsession with cookbooks and crochet.

Strange as it is, I love my life.


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