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A day to myself

I’ve got two days off after a seven-day stretch, and the husband’s at work. What to do with myself? Make a list of all the plant and food projects I want to do this summer, of course!

I have this irrational need to make taffy during the summer, which is silly because it never works out (but it tastes so good). I think I’ll settle for making candied ginger today, and doing something with the chocolate I keep hoarding – chocolate-pretzel bites? Violet-infused chocolate truffles? Ooh, chocolate-dipped mint leaves!

The herb garden is going strong again, so I’ve got a bag of dried violets to find a use for and a much larger bag of dried marjorum that I need to process. Chive blossom vinegar is going strong, need to switch out the blossoms for some fresh ones. Think the basil needs a little TLC, and the rosemary bush is getting out of control.

Found soap bases at the craft store, maybe the violets can go into that – I know some of the old-fashioned roses growing in the yard are definitely going into a soap, they’re so incredibly fragrant! Soaps may be the Christmas gift of the year, this time around – fresh fruits and juices, dried herbs and flowers, tons of possibilities. Pretty sure I can make a chai tea based soap, which would be heaven.

Cooking stuff: sometime this summer, I’m hoping we’ll be able to do a big crab/crawdad boil here at the house, maybe get some of mine and the hubby’s friends over to supplement the family members we usually do these things with.

In June, I’m planning on ordering a pack or two of pickling cucumbers and getting the supplies together for a massive How To: Pickles and Preserves. Definitely want to do dill pickles (Small Family style, of course!), maybe daikon pickle and one other, then strawberry jam or jelly and maybe a fruit butter.

The father-in-law found a good source for bulk mustard seed online, so some experimenting in mustard-making will happen this summer, as well! I’ll be sure to track the results and send out samples for “taste-testing” once I’ve got it down.

I’m going to need a bigger kitchen.

~Mountain Girl



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