Heat wave

It’s been too long!

Jared and I are in the DC metro area for a while, catching some shows, spreading the resumes, and getting everything lined up for our move out of Kentucky.

Valkyrie is learning to live as an outside dog, mostly because she’s covered in mud and not allowed to stay in the house because it’s a daily thing with her.

The camera battery needs to be charged, so you’ll have to wait for photos of the in-law’s garden and the current project, an atrium. When I finally find the charger, you’ll also get a look at life behind the sound wall – the 495 expansion is practically in their back yard, despite the documents that put the sound wall about ten feet in the other direction (Somebody snuck an extra lane in. Bad senators, bad. Go sit in the corner.).

But life in NoVa isn’t bad, we’ve got the house to ourselves while the parents visit family on vacation in Canada and the brother spends most of his time at his girlfriend’s place. There are more tomatoes than I know what to do with (literally. They’re practically rotting before we can eat them), and either tonight or tomorrow, I’m making plum butter. I promise, I’ll get the camera charged!


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