Wednesdays are strange

When you start the morning by stepping knee-deep into a sinkhole in the backyard, all you can do is hope that the day will improve. Of course, that’s what I get for taking the dog outside before I’m totally conscious.

Aside from a tiny cut on the top of my foot, the only damage was a bit of mud stuck to one heel. No breaks, no sprains, no ridiculous four-inch scrape on my ankle (unlike the last time). I swear, these sinkholes are breeding.

What the sudden fall did do though, was create some lovely misalignment and inflammation in my left hip, which I always appreciate. Nothing like limping around the book store to enforce the quality of your day.

I have a birth defect called Congenital Hip Dysplasia, or CHD (alternately know as Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip). Most people hear hip dyplasia and think of German shepherds and Labrador dogs. But around 1 in 1000 human births have hip dysplasia, and that number is higher among females, and even higher still if they’re the firstborn or were born breech. Or, if you’re me, you’re female, firstborn, breech, and have a family history of it. In other words, I was screwed from day one.

Let’s hope that sinkhole stops growing.


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